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The river running up towards Peak cavern

About Castleton

The Gem of the Peak District

Castleton is located in the Hope Valley within the Peak National Park and is about 15 miles south west of Sheffield. As well as being a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts the village itself offers many activities for visitors of all ages.

Castleton is also very close to other beautiful and interesting villages in the Hope Valley such as Hathersage and Bamford.

Peveril Castle

Peveril Castle Keep 2

Peveril Castle

To the south, Castleton is overlooked by Peveril Castle. Mentioned in the Domesday survey, this historic castle was originally built in 1080 by William the Conqueror’s son, William Peveril, as part of the King’s forest. The current keep was constructed by King Henry II in 1176.

Visitors climbing the hill to the castle are rewarded with the unique experience of viewing an early Norman fortress steeped in history. The castle also offers panoramic views of the village and the Hope Valley.

The castle is open daily to visitors and is a 10-15 min walk from the George. Further details can be found on the English Heritage website

The Garland King

Castleton Garland day 2011 3

Castleton Garland

The Garland ceremony occurs each year on Oak Apple Day (29th May) and celebrates the restoration of King Charles II to the throne.

The “Garland” itself is constructed from flowers attached to a wooden frame. The Garland is worn by the “Garland King” who with the “Garland Queen” rides through the village to music, stopping at all the local public houses. Local girls dressed in white and carrying flowers and “Garland sticks” perform a form of Morris dancing at each stop

The Garland itself is said to weigh in excess of 25kg and is carried on the Garland King’s shoulders for several hours.

The parade concludes with the Garland King arriving at St Edmund’s church in the centre of the village, where the Garland is lifted and placed atop the church.

If you are unable to attend the event in person, the Castleton museum provides a great insight into the history of the event.

A Castelton Cave

Castleton Cavern 4

Castletons Caves

Castleton is home to 4 show caves: Treak Cliff, Blue John, Peak and Speedwell.

Treak Cliff and Blue John caverns are home to the semi-precious mineral “Blue John”. These caves are the only place in the UK where this mineral can be found today.

Blue John is said to take its name from the French bleu-jaune meaning “blue and yellow” which describes the unique colouring of the mineral.

The mineral is still mined today for jewellery which can be bought at the caverns themselves or in the local village shops. Historically Blue John was turned into larger pieces such as vases; however today larger pieces of the stone are rarely found or mined.

Castleton at Christmas

Village at night 5

Castleton at Christmas

From the middle of November Castleton becomes a magical place when the Christmas lights are turned on.

As well as the lights Santa also arrives in the village with his grotto and a horse and cart ride is available to see the true magic of the village at this time

Also, many of the village shops are open late during the week to allow people doing there Christmas shopping to enjoy the festivities.


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